09 September, 2006

State RR

Well the RR didn't go exactly as planned. I should have known that when I didn't see a camera at the start finish line that there were going to be discrepensies with the outcome of the race. You would think that at a state championship they would have a finish line camera. They had the first 7 guys down, but after that it was just one big mess. Of course the race officials missed me finishing and basically guessed where I finished. That's already happened once this year. Upon looking at the results they had me at 11th place. The guy that was in front of me in the results I passed on the finish line for 10th place, but I was on the far side of the road and went by unnoticed. Oh well only one place, but there is always tomorrow and next year. It was basically people telling the race officials where they finished. Which doesn't sound like the best way to get results, but you deal with what you got. It could have happened in any race in any category, so it doesn't bother me, but hopefully it didn't happen to someone right at the finish line in another race. I understand that this is a Cat. 5 race, but it is the principle to get it right.


The Bike Guy said...

Cat 5 state champs in Nebraska? And u were motherfucking 11th? Suck it up you worthless load, stop being your pussy self and quit riding. People like you are fucking disgrace. I mean honestly, what the fucking hell? You’re a cat 5! It isn’t even a real god damn race, shut your whining you lil self centered cocky ass riding fuck. You fucker, I bet your dead great great great grandmother could drop you. Dead fucking grand fucking mother! You useless fuck! You'd proly ass rape her skeleton if you got a chance you sick sack of shit. Do you go to college you fuck? Wait, you are too much of a stupid sack of shit! You are worthless! Honestly, are you going to make a career on getting dropped from the 5s? Honestly, I would love to crash your ass off alpe d'huez, o wait; your ass would croak trying to keep up with a dude in a wheelchair on the fucking flats!!!!!
You are a fuck, go burn in hell.

The Bike Guy said...

You can go suck the penis off of a dead fucking wildebeest. Wildebeest motherfucker. I know where you live you asswipe

Matt said...

It's not only just me that was having a problem. There were other riders in other races that were also a little miffed at the finish line for some inaccurate placing. As your the "the bike guy" you made yourself look like a moron because all you could come up with was profanity. wow what an original concept is to cuss and call someone out that you don't even know. I didn't get dropped at all and was right in it coming from 25th to 11th in the finishing straight. Not at all bad for someone who has only done 5 races his entire life, and for weighing close to 300lbs. 3 years ago. So, that's about enough from "the bike guy".
Everyone was once a cat 5, but most forget that. It takes work just to get up the nerve to race, let alone try to do well.

Matt said...

Oh year "the bike guy":
If you bothered to read my whole post then you would probably realize that I wasn't mad or upset, and definetly not complaining. Oh if you know where I live then drop buy and we'll talk about my grandparents.

Pb jr. said...

Hey "bike guy". Who the hell are you? How about you go say that shit to Matt's face so he can knock your head clear off. You are such a pecker and I hope nature takes care of you. Yeah, and you obviously aren't from here because you would know Matt is a good guy with a good outlook on life. So go piss off.

-Peter Boyd

The Bike Guy said...

First off, I was never a cat 5, true fact actually, and i also won my first race... So that being so, I am the all knowing sentient being of bike racing, mmmmkay? O yeah, if you weren't such a dumbass maybe you wouldn't have been 25th heading into the sprint? Maybe? Well you are a dumbass, so that won't ever happen now. Alright, I'll see you tommorow at 3.
Later you worthless load, fucking fat ass. You probably shouldn't have told me you used to weigh 300 pounds you disgusting fat hefer

Matt said...

"O yeah, if you weren't such a dumbass maybe you wouldn't have been 25th heading into the sprint?" - The Bike Guy

that's not even a question and you are calling on my education.

I was 25th because on a right hand turn coming into town another rider got shaky in the corner and put his skewer into my front wheel, but I kept it up, and still did as well as I could.
Tomorrow at 3 i'll be watching the Cat I/II so come on by and say hi.
One more thing I'm very proud of what I have done with my weight as well as my racing. There is absolutly nothing that you can do to insult me, that I didn't hear growing up, but good luck trying.

Pb jr. said...

Hey Bike Dude, after my race today I'd love to see you come around and say something. I will be in the 3's...is that okay with you? Becuase, I guess 3's suck too.

skinny d said...

haha. you guys are arguing about road biking.

munsoned said...

Hi! I'm "the bike guy." I like randomly posting tirades on blogs since I can't remember to take my meds. And I would never allow my profile to be public because then someone could find out how much of a tool I really am. I'm so inadiquate in most aspects of my life that cussing people out gives me a reason to keep living. I like to tell lies about my cycling prowess because in reality, my banana seat cruiser is way cooler than any road bike that passes me. Thank you for responding to my comments instead of deleting my posts. It makes me feel better and acknowledged since my dad was too wacked out on meth and my mom was busy whoring around to everyone in the trailer park.

the bike guy