27 September, 2006

Sweet Mail Day!

Got some good stuff in the mail today. Some clear bands from Cycle Sport's new campaign "I Support Drug Free Cycling". What can I say I'm an optomist, compared to everyone else I work with. They are not all dopers, roadies, there are some that are clean.

The other thing is the BEST. I'm so stoked to have it on DVD. All I had of RAD was a pirated copy on VHS. The quality is pretty good, and I got the soundtrack for it. For those of you that haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it, and so does Skinny D. So check it out. D and I both have copies, but you should get your own off ebay.


munsoned said...

Dude, I ate Kix cereal and told myself I liked it because of that movie. That huge drop-in ramp they rode down was just a giant Kix billboard.

I had one of those type of bmx trick bikes with fancy pegs and the handle bar that could spin around. I learned how to ride backwards while sitting on the bars and......that's about it.

I switched to skateboarding since lots more kids had 'em instead of fancy bmx bikes. Plus it hurt alot less when you fell.

Pb jr. said...

I know nothing about the movie, but I'm assuming it's a BMX film. I wanna try it. Looks so fun. I've been saying that for like 4 years. This time I mean it... well who knows. Does look fun though.

skinny d said...

you still use this blog then? :)

biker_baller said...

Sweet! You work at Treck?