16 September, 2006

A tough week that won't end

Even since Sunday I have been feeling really tired, and I'm not really sure what is going on. My legs feel like lead and even riding to work has become a challenge. I'm sure it will pass, but this is the longest I've felt like crap in a while. A day off with nothing to do would be nice, but just can't happen.
I'm looking forward to working at Highgear this weekend. I'm interested in seeing how the other half lives, so I hope it will be fun. Kent gave me directions on how to get there by avoiding any major streets, so riding tomorrow morning and Sunday will be fun, and new.
I am so excited for next year that I'm already planning my offseason workouts and already starting a little pre-offseason lifting, in anticipation for next season and my goals. Since I'm not sure what Category I'll be in next year I have goals for both. State Championships, all of them, are obviously by biggest goals, as well as going and doing Snake Alley. Snake alley is a race I've been to before to watch my brother and it's just something that I want to try and do well at, especially since it is a big race. Rider of the Year would be a really big one for me since it would save me money the following season. Since this year in three races I finished 7th in the standings, maybe next year I have a shot.

Later on,