04 December, 2006

Hadn't posted in a while and I just wanted people to see this picture. I've done something similar in my time, but it wasn't my face in a tree it was my knee. Things aren't going exactly as planned for my winter training. I am lifting three days a week, but riding inside or out is getting difficult. Pretty much all my riding lately has been commuting between school, work, and home. Oh well, last night's club meeting got me a little fired up for next season, so this week i'll hit up highgear for some indoor trainging, and probably the trek store. I want to make it to at least 2 indoor a week because trying to do it by myself is frickin' impossible. The new jersey's for MWCC are awesome, great design and look, and the shoe covers will be amazing. I just wish they would come in sooner than march, that's a long time from now. Should be getting that new kit when the new Twin Six jersey's come in stock, Argyle is King.

Later On

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sydney_b said...

u could make your commutes longer .... last week, i watched old Buffy the Vamp. Slayer episodes on the trainer.