10 January, 2007

Fresh New Year

So I've been away for a little while. I've actually be in the great state of Wisconsin, in the towns of Eagle River and Three Lakes to be specific. It was definitely a break from the daily routine of school, work, and doing nothing. I went snowmobiling, hitting 60mph, which was awesome. Also, and most importantly I got to spend some time with my family and have a Christmas with them for the first time in 6 years. It was epic. I'll post some pics as soon as I get them, but I went head to head with my brother about the way things have been lately and he really woke me up. So I come back to Omaha with possible a new job, a new lease on life, and most importantly refreshed and relaxed, which is something that I haven't been for a while. Also last night I got a hair cut for the fist time since the beginning of August. I had a lot of hair go to the floor. A new haircut and a new life, just what I needed. The above picture is the wooden room from an ice rink. It is actually the oldest wooden dome in North America, and I went to a hockey game and snapped this picture, it came out better than I thought. More pics to come soon.

Later On,


P.S. If any of you weather.com junkies are tired of their misinformation check out the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, they are more reliable, http://www.noaa.com

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bryan said...

I dig that top shot -- gives a feel of how big and old that place is.

And it's glad to see you're back on the grid.