16 February, 2007

new stuff

New Trek/VW jersey, pretty sweet.
A little too bright for me, but overall not bad.
This jersey is bad ass except for what appears to be leopard print on the right sleeve, don't think I could rock that one.
How much do they weigh? This jersey is just super sweet, not quite as cool as the one from Twin Six, but overall it is pretty kick ass. I might try and get one. Definitely the best of the one's I have put up lately. It gives the new Tinkoff Credit jerseys, I'll post a pic of them soon, a run for their money. You can't go wrong with Chipotle.


sydney_b said...

I've always thot the VW kits were the spiffiest. but, I like red and whoever designed 'em seemed to really consider how the jersey and the shorts would look like *together*. Seems like with a lot of kits, little thought is put into the effect the patterns and sponsorship text have on the overall impression of the riders' physique. Ex. Those asymmetric jerseys aren't going to flatter anyway except the most perfect of form. But, maybe that is the aim. Make your team look physically less than it is to get the competition to underestimate? Who knows?

I like that argyle too, but how do you keep white white?

Matt said...

You can't keep white looking good, that is why they probably get a ton of jersey's and get their bars wrapped after every race.

SickBoy said...

Would you mind taking this picture (the "spokes" picture) down? You never contacted me asking for the rights to use it.


Matt N said...

i didn't contact you because I took it directly from Velonews. If you have a problem with it talk to them.

Matt N said...

besides I have no way of knowing if this is you or not. My suggestion is to not get so possessive, and deal with it.

thanks for reading.