24 February, 2007

So, it's official, I am now officially full time at Highgear. I'm super pumped and excited about this year at the shop. I will definitely have fun and be able to give back to the world of cycling because it has given me so much.

I've dropped over 12 lbs. in the past 3 weeks and am improving with each week. Got my tax return today, coupled with being full-time and starting another job, UPS, around the 1st of March, the money will be rolling into the bank account, for the next 6 months anyway. Then the student loan bills hit and there the money goes again. At this rate I will be down a significant amount of weight by the start of the season. UPS will help me lose weight faster, my brother said I'll lose close to 20 lbs. within the first month of working there. All I know is I am going to be fit and trim towards the middle of this year. I just hope I don't burn out and crash.

Now is the time of year to make a few improvements on the bike. Got my new bars the other day, Bontrager Race Lite VR, they are sweet. Couple that with the new Race X Lite stem and new pedals I will get next week. Just so Peter knows I'm getting the Look Keo Sprint's, and not because he has them, although he would like to think that he is the reason people buy things that are bike related. I have been looking at those for about a year. I believe that if you are to talk about a product you should at least have ridden it once, and I try to do that as much as I can. I have ridden Speedplay Zero's for 2 years and love them, but I want to try something different. I will hopefully also update my wheels and cranks by the end of March, and the season will be underway in late April. I can't wait.

On another note Flogging Molly, one of my favorite bands, is coming to Omaha on Tuesday. I can't wait to see them play. For anyone who hasn't heard them, then you are severely missing out.

Later on,


bryan said...

Hey, great news on the weight loss. That's awesome. I imagine we'll bump into each other when the racing begins. Hopefully not literally.

Matt said...

Literally would suck. I crashed last tuesday and messed up my arm pretty good. Most average about one crash a year, so hopefully this one wasy mine. I'll probably miss Lincoln Plating because I won't be in the shape that I want to be in by then. I'll be working 60 hour weeks for about 6 months so hopefully throwing packages at UPS will give me some endurance because on the bike time will get thrown out the window.

bryan said...

Nah, don't skip all of it. Can you just do the road race? I can't imagine that'll be terribly fast. If you can suck some wheels, you'll hang right with everyone, no problem.

And if nothing else, UPS will work on the core strength. I can't imagine heaving boxes around all day. I'd probably die.

Matt N said...

If I do anyting it would be the crit on sunday, since sunday's will probably be my only day off this summer. I don't know I will make my decision probably about a week before, but it all depends on how I fell. I would love to race it all. I am trying my hardest to get my ass ready, and if I feel I can comepete and put in a good show I will do all that I can to do all the races.

UPS is going to kick my ass and whip me into shape quick. As an unloader you have to average about 1200-1500 packages an hour off of a trailer. Packages range from envelopes to 75lbs. Also I will be doing it 6 hours a day 5 days a week. I'll be fit and fast by May at the latest.