21 March, 2007

Got a little over 2 hours on the bike today. Rode with Pool for about an hour which was great, it's always better to ride with friend. I was thinking about doing the ride from the Trek Store but I think the chance of hail and extreme wind made some stay away. I prefer riding by myself or with 1-2 others anyway. I feel like I get more done in smaller groups, but I don't mind the big group stuff either. Hopefully soon I'll feel up to joining that ride, but for now I'm still a little too out of shape to hang with them.

One thing is for sure UPS is kicking my @$$. Loading packages is no easy job, but the benefit that I am getting from getting paid too train is more than worth the pain. I couldn't tell you how many calories that I burn over a 4-5 hour time frame. I'll have to wear my HRM one night just to see what I am actually doing. It is definitely making me stronger, and I'm not very tired during the day. I am actually seeing a benefit to it all. Money, more time training, and having fun. Highgear is my love and nothing comes between me and hopefully my future there, nor will I let anything happen. Bikes are life, UPS is training without being on the bike.

later on,

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bryan said...

Your core strength is going to be awesome. I've been tossing boxes around in the basement just to try to keep up.