30 April, 2007

Been toying around with getting a new headset for a little bit. Decided to order a new one today. Ritchey WCS Carbon should be pretty good. Just can't take the one I have now, makes too much noise and I've done everything to make it stop.

Sorry I didn't make the Shabbo's ride on Sunday, had some family stuff to take care of. Can't be there this Sunday because I'm working for Paul, but the Sunday after that I'll come out.

Plan on doing a long ride tomorrow, my favorite route. I call it Bellevue-Roubaix, but that's just because I go down Bellevue Blvd. on my way home. I'll either do that or head up North. Not sure yet, depends on how I feel.

Things are pretty good now that I get SLEEP. Had to deal with the bro a little, but it's all for the best. Can't wait until the next race. That will probably be the Pap. Twilight, but I have a wedding to go to that day, so not sure I'll make it yet. I will definitely be at Norfolk Cycling Classic, and the Cornhusker State Games, and hopefully Babcook. Not sure that I am going to make any of the Memorial day races, but if I do anything I'll do the Crit.

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Peter said...


I'd like to fill you in with some informaton on the Shabbes ride. First of all, please spell it correctly. Second of all, it is for PAF riders only. You will need to talk to the PAF committee before they will allow you to join.


P.S. You still haven't emailed me. I am waiting to for you to reply so I can SPAM you.