07 May, 2007

A rider down.

Eldon Roush is a Cat 3 racer, but more importantly he is a husband, a father, a son most likely an uncle and a brother and his life has been permanently changed due to an accident while racing his bicycle. Eldon crashed during the Criterium of Velotek Grand Prix Stage Race, April 28, 2007 in Lawrence, KS.

Life changes in an instant. In this crash, his life and everyone that knows, loves and depends upon him lives changed also.

Based on his most recent test results Eldon could spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Eldon & his wife Janet are still very hopeful that God will provide a miracle.

Eldon and Janet are extremely thankful to the cycling community and the support they have received so far. Eldon has received a ton of visitors which was has been very encouraging for him.

Eldon & Janet have an 11 year old daughter who is a competitive gymnast and this has been very hard on her. Her father, the strong and invulnerable shield that has always been there to protect her is now hurt, and hurt in a very bad way…in a way that she may not quite comprehend at this time.

If you believe in the power of prayer (they do), please pray for a miracle. If a miracle isn't the answer we get, pray for the acceptance of the situation they have been placed in. Janet truly believes that God's hand is at work and that something will come of this that will glorify Him. Pray for their continued strength, pray for them to have peace in this situation.

If you want to help follow this link http://kscycling.org/eldon.htm

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