18 May, 2007

So I guess I'm crossing over to the dark side. I am actually going to attempt a MTB race. I've been toying with the idea for a while, and the opportunity has presented itself. I will be doing the Branched Oak 12 hour marathon, TEAM event, with two other guys from Highgear. There is no way in hell I could do it solo.

I figure while I wain on FELT to get me a new road frame, that I'll give it a shot. I am going in with NO expectations, and am really expecting to be bad. I rarely ride my MTB so I know that this is for fun and it will make for good experience. There is still no way I'll make a conversion from roadie, but this is another outlet to expand my horizons. I'm really looking forward to it. However, I don't get out of the shop on Saturday the 25th until 6 so I'm rushing my ass to Lincoln as fast as possible. Should make for a long day. I think I can do it.

No word on when(or if) my frame is coming in. Hopefully it's not that long I am going insane. I've been riding one of our Serotta's lately, even though the ride is better(unparalleled no even close to the same category) it's still not MINE. I hope it comes in time to train for the Norfolk Crit that I want to do so bad, but it's also the same day as the Venaculas/Sevendust show that I really want to go to. We'll see how that one pans out. I might not do either and just wait for the Papillion Crit and Babcook. Those are a little farther off, and I will have some time to train for them. Racing this year is going down the tubes extremely fast, so I'm pretty bummed.

I just have to look on the bright side and realize that I have the best job in the world, and I couldn't ask for better people to work with.


sydney_b said...

Funny how I've seen both roadies and mtb'ers refer to each other's disciplines as "the dark side."

Personally, I think it's good to do both even when you might specialize in one or the other because it helps keep you fresh in the way a day or two off from work does. Also, two wheels are just plain fun, altho I probably love the speed of my road bike best. That, in addition to the fact that pavement is at my doorstep, renders me primarily a roadie probably for life.

Enjoy the marathon. :)

munsoned said...

Yeah, I agree with Syd, I think both mtb and road are the light side. As long as you're having fun on 2 wheels, you're better off for it.

I thought about that 12 hour event for a little bit, but realized it was the same weekend as the Beatrice races. I figure I better do those races to kickstart my road season since I'm apparently peaking for some random Wednesday in October. Seriously, no real training plan is kinda fun when you're just riding around for sheer joy, but come race time, it sucks. I've pretty much written off this year since I have no motivation, and really need to save money anyway, but if I can get my life prioritized over the winter and into next year, I should be gunnin for some top spots.

Hope you get your frame soon and don't forget a vital part of long marathon races....sleep!!!

bryan said...

I'm going to the dark side on Sunday -- Bike Masters has an MTB demo day at Tranquility. I'm very excited. Maybe they'll both be sunny for me.