30 May, 2007

When asked how his Giro was going Zabriskie didn't give the usual boring bike rider answer. "You know, I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence. I'm just a big hairy American winnin' machine," said Zabriskie to Cyclingnews. Inspired by his hero Ricky Bobby of film Talladega Nights, Zabriskie was brimming with confidence as the final week of the Giro d'Italia unfolded.


sydney_b said...

whadda pic. makin me laugh

munsoned said...

He's a kookie guy. He has a website and at one time, had all these hilarious interviews with people in the peloton. I think he'd just ride up to racers and ask them off the wall single-line questions.

Like, "Thor Hushovd, how does it feel to have the coolest name in the peloton?" TH: "I didn't know my name was cool?"

Or, currently on his website, "Erick Dekker, do you ever play checkers?" ED: "No, because I always win."

Good stuff.

Matt N said...

The finish to the Thor interview was Dave Z telling him "Well, you do." and riding off.