03 June, 2007

The week in pictures

Joe doing his best "Deadliest Catch" impression.
The new middle finger?
Challenged? No, but I am very glad to see something like this is being produced for disabled children. Similar to the Hand Cycles that I've seen before, but also allowing you to use your feet. Just giving someone that needs this some semblance of a normal life is amazing. Props to the inventor.
Who pays in 156 pennies???? Captain Ben does.
Rain, rain go away......for a while.

So this week had some highs and lows. Last Saturday/Sunday at the 12 hour, I sprained my left thumb pretty badly, but still did 4 laps total. The sprain was pretty bad. So much so, that a week later I still can't use it that much. It was so swollen at one point it was twice the size of the other. Sucks having an injury on the hand you write with.

Felt shipped my frame to the Highgear Bicycle store in New Jersey on accident. Supposed to ship out another one in the near future, down goes another week without it.

Norfolk is out of the question as well, so no racing until Babcook at the end of July. I also won't be able to do the Papillion Twilight Crit due to a wedding that day. This summer for racing is going out the window in a hurry.

Work is getting hectic, and business is picking up everyday. I had forgotten how many people come into the shop during the summer, time to get my ass in gear.

Good news is that there is a new car in the household. Amy bought a Pontiac Torrent. This thing is sweet! Perfect race vehicle, once I get some trays on the roof. I'll post some pics of it soon. XM radio is awesome.

Not much else going on. Will let you know when my frame shows up.

later on,

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