19 July, 2007

Bryan trying to make it back, even though he was pulled he showed great heart. Good Job Bryan, we've all been there.
My brother Micah(Patterson Dental) sitting second wheel. He finished 7th
Micah leads the charge.
Tyler in the black jersey finished well, won a sprint prime, and did great after not racing a road bike for a few years.
The man that strikes fear in the heart of bike racers everywhere, Jay Thomas.

God these pics from Nebraska Cycling News. Thanks to Mark Stursma.

Wish I could have been there to see these races and participate, but in a little over a week I'll race again. I am looking forward to it. I'm looking past Babcook to Tour of KC because I need some more time to drop some more weight and get faster.

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bryan said...

I hadn't seen those pics yet. Pretty cool. I like the new Kaos kits the more I see them.

As for the rider ... I'm still working on that.