12 July, 2007

Had Thursday off from work and just decided to make it a total day off. I have been on the bike in some capacity everyday for about 2 weeks, and just wanted some rest. I've been feeling a little down and out lately, and looked at today as a chance to recharge my batteries. I just think it is more a feeling of being burned out. This summer has been pretty busy, and I've been dealing with some family issues as well, and it has just really taken its toll on me. I know that tomorrow is another day, and such, but everyday is difficult. I will truck on as I always do and deal with my issues in their own time. I just need to stay focused on work, life, and such, and not let other outside forces affect my life. I have worked too hard to throw things away, and all will be better soon.

There is no way I can get out of the wedding on Saturday to go and race my home event, which is truly upsetting, but maybe all for the best. I will hopefully make my reappearance this year at the Babcook Memorial stage race, barring any set-backs. I'm lighter than I was at Lincoln Plating and in overall better shape. We'll see how it turns out, but this year is pretty much wasted and that really gets me down. I guess there is always next year, but that is a long ass time away. I've made a promise to myself to dedicate all winter to next year. Anyway, I'll travel and do some more stuff next year, but the remaining races are the most important. Babcook, Cobblestone Crit(KC), and the state champs are on the calendar, and I'll be damned if I'll miss anymore racing than I already have.

Anyone watch the TDF today. Kloden broke his tailbone, and Vino is messed up pretty badly. Also, Discovery Channel rider Benjamin Noval crashed through the Bouyges Telecom back window, a la Ullrich in 2005, and is pretty hurt. George looked great and I hope that he is able to win a stage this year in the Stars and Stripes jersey. Hopefully he rides the Tour of Missouri this year, because I am going down on the first day and see the race. Anyone want to come with me? Discovery has promised to bring a strong contingent to the race since it is a short time before the national championships in Greenville. I can't wait until Saturday and the first real mountain stage of the tour. Should be pretty exciting.

As for Shabbos +1, I'm leaving from Highgear around 8am and going to Louisville and back, but will probably extend the ride. Anyone want to join me? One Eye and Miah are go's so far, with Paul interested. Mike, Brian? Care to move the start of the ride for one week?

later on,

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bryan said...

Let me get back to you on Shabbos +1. I might be interested -- depends on how the race goes, though.