17 July, 2007

Is it just me or is Levi a crybaby and complete puss? Let me explain, for the past week all we have seen Levi do is suck wheels and not take any initiative to win the tour. When have we ever seen Levi attack? A few days ago all he did was stay with Vino when all the other favorites attacked Vino, and it was not until Vino cracked that he attacked him. What kind of shit is that? Attack a guy when he cracks to make yourself look and feel better. Today when he had Contador and Popo in the break, he had every right not to chase, but when he criticizes another rider about not closing a small gap in the chasing field instead of taking it upon himself to get back to Rasmussen that is just plain bitchy. If he wants to win he will have attack, rather than follow.
Cadel Evans learned that and look what he is doing in this tour. He is risking everything to win.
Levi has done nothing to separate himself, other than get a 10second penalty for holding onto a bottle too long. If he shows he has heart and attacks for a change, maybe I'll change my tune, but for now he should bust his ass for Contador because he can win the tour. Levi has no winning mindset, while Contador can tear the legs off the other riders and produce a pretty good timetrial as well. Maybe after next Saturday(TT) and Sunday(Platte de Beille) we will see something different.


bryan said...

It's just you.

bryan said...

With a week and a half, two TTs and the pyrinees (totally butchered that spelling) left, I see little wrong with staying close and being patient. Attacking like mad (Vino-style) isn't his style. If the Tour ended Friday, sure, attack. But Oscar Peirero, for all of his talent, did only one thing last year -- he went at the right time.

If Leipheimer -- or anybody else does that -- the Tour can be his.

And about the bitching, please. Everybody bitches about something. Some get their names in the paper, some don't. Depends upon how important you are. Is Vino a puss for crying after the stage?

*This is not a rant, a declaration of war or any attempt at instigation. This is simply boredom and internet access combining to form a very long post.

Matt N said...

I'll agree with time left and upcoming stages. Vino is a different rider than most, and his crying after the stage, anyone would do with stiches in their legs and seeing their dream collapsing. I just want to see some heart from Levi. I think he only knows how to follow and not lead.