13 August, 2007

I am addicted to this show on VS. If you have a chance watch it, do it, and you might be as hooked as I am. Makes me think I'm in the wrong industry. Not really, but I'd like to give it a try.


sydney_b said...

Having access to versus during superweek and a basement to ourselves...I took in a couple of these episodes. Watched a bit of the ultimate cage fighting as well and prefer kickboxing. UCF always ends in a wrestling match, or at least it seemed so and a wrestling coach I know swears every 'real' streetfight does.

To give the fighting a go, don't you just have to get mouthier at the bar? :D

Matt N said...

I'm pretty mouth in general, not just at a bar. Most fights do end in wrestling maneuvers. That is why most of the fighters come from some wrestling background. Making you opponenet submit or 'tapout' is the best over a knockout. Submissions is getting the better of your opponent in his mind and body. Knockout anyone can do, but to tapout takes a special person. A good match is 50/50 wrestling/kickboxing. Good standup followed by good ground skills makes a good match. Plus they wail on each other when they are on the ground.