20 September, 2007

Not surprised about verdict, but it still kind of sucks.
I feel bad for Floyd right now, not because the original decision was upheld, but I feel that he is a victim of a witch-hunt to get an American tour winner to be ousted from the ranks. The french tried for 7 years, and continue to go after Lance, to take away a tour title or to get something on him. It's not right to go after a guy that buried himself for the sport he loved and take away what he worked so hard for.

Am I for doping in our sport? Certainly not, throw all the cheaters out and it will make things interesting again. What Floyd did last year was not superhuman, it did not show a man who had doped himself to the gills. All it showed was that no one in the peloton except for Floyd seemed to know anything about tactics on his amazing solo victory. His story is a great one and should not be forgotten. In 2 years, when he comes back, who knows what will happen. Will he be like Tyler and just fade away again? Will he rise and start winning? Only time will tell. That is if our sport is around in 2 years.

By the current state of affairs I am afraid for the "Pro" aspect of our sport. Sponsors are pulling money and teams, and other's aren't stepping into their places, a la, discovery. Phonak, Discovery, Fassa Bortolo, as well as other teams are losing those precious dollars to keep the team going and people employed. One doper can destroy a whole team. That's probably about a hundred people that are now out a job because of 1 person. How is that fair? I think the sponsors should come to cycling now, in a dark hour, and persevere because when cycling rises again it will be a glorious day. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, and next season will be fantastic.

I personally can't wait to see George win Paris-Roubaix finally, granted he will be in a T-Mobile uniform. Tom Danielson will finally live up to all his promise. Slipstream will rise to be the new dominant American team. David's Millar and Zabriskie will destroy every time trial that they enter, all the way to the world championships. Alberto will again rule France, proving that it was not circumstance that won Le Tour, but shear guts and talent. Yes, yes next year will be the best yet.

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