23 November, 2007

I've done pretty good this week. I think I've only taken 1 day off of the bike. Rode my rollers that my brother gave the past two days. Man I really worked up a sweat pretty quick on those, even faster tan on my trainer. I've had a little trouble here and there, but haven't fallen off yet. Really only spent about 30 minutes each of the past 2 days because of time constraints. I'm really committed to making next year a good year. I know that I said that last year, but this year is really important to me, so it better go right. I'm starting out the off-season lighter than I did last year, so I've already got a bit of a headstart. Better not let it go to my head.

Did pretty well yesterday. I only had one plate, and only ate about half, when I usually have 2-3 helpings. Also I only had a small dessert, which for me was hard because of my extreme sweet-tooth. All I really need to do is keep it up, and UP my intake of water, not doing so good at that one lately, but I'm getting better. That's pretty much it for now. I would have ridden today, Friday, but I'm working, so I'll probably ride the rollers tonight after work, and will probably take tomorrow off. I'll probably ride gravel on Sunday out in Herman.


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