26 December, 2007

2 of my xmas presents

This book is AWESOME, just to say the least. If you are a fan of cycling, you must have this book.
I make no secret that I like to watch pro wrestling. This is the first and only DVD of wrestling that I have ever asked for. It will probably be the only one that I ever own. My point is that these guys do a lot just to put on a good show, and if falling off a 25ft. ladder through 4 tables is entertainment than this video it right up your alley. Plus, it has my favorite wrestler, Jeff Hardy, on the cover and it is worth watching. I KNOW THAT IT IS FAKE AND CHEESY, but I wish I could have 25,000 people cheering for me at once. Anyway, if anyone wants to watch this one, let me know. Who knows, you may like it.

I'll post some most stuff in the coming days. I have about $100 bucks to spend at the shop, but I don't know what to spend it on. HELP ME!!!

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