12 December, 2007

Did an hour on the rollers last night. Had a nice little puddle of sweat under my bike when I was done. Rode in the morning still took me 1:10, that's almost 1/2 an hour longer than it takes me normally to get here. Got off on a ruff start because I could find my balaclava, looking for that cost me some extra time. Hopefully I can find it tonight.

Still trying to make plans to head down to KC on Sunday to watch the elites. Amy's brother's birthday is Saturday, so we are doing stuff with her family. Which means I'm going to be up late, have to either leave in the middle of the night, or just BUTT ASS early Sunday to head down and back on Sunday. I really want to go, just not sure if I want to not sleep for 2 straight days, and down a shit ton of gas. Also, I'M BROKE!!!! So that puts a big damper in the weekend as well.

Oh well, at least I have my rollers and Transition 1 and 2 to watch.

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