29 February, 2008

I think that you have to be FAST to wear these. I couldn't pull those off, Mike or Bryan could though.
The last day of Tour of California belonged to this guy. He also produced a great Solvang TT time. His legs are like tree trunks.
Wanted to put up this picture of my DAD out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The fish is a King Mackerel that was caught near St. Petersburg, FL, where he lives. He'll be turning 60 this year and Amy and I are trying to get down there to see him and Shannon(step-mom). Plus he just bought a whole bunch of fishing gear and he already owns a boat. So I want to get out on the water this summer down there.


bryan said...

Zirbel's more like 28 -- I ran against him in high school. He graduated in 1997.

And no way could -- or would -- I wear those shoes. I can barely pull of the Lance shoes. And even that's a stretch.

Matt N said...

fixed I could have sworn someone said he was really young. Oh well still a great ride.