18 April, 2008

Disc Brakes & Quick Releases

Same side as the rotor on the front wheel.
Opposite of the rotor on the front wheel.
Which side do you prefer and why?


munsoned said...

Rotors are kinda sharp and I like to wrench down on quick releases, so I go opposite. Front and back, since I run single speed. I find it kinda anti-road.

Skinny D said...

I find myself sitting on the fence with regards to your question. It depends on the quick release. Shimano quick releases (for example) generally tighten further from the rotor than others. When the lever sits too close to the rotor, it makes it difficult and potentially dangerous to remove. However, some quick releases do not work well on the right side of the bike as they may hinder you from your fork adjustments. I decide case by case.

I also don't like six inches of extra cable hanging off my brakes. (see picture #2)

bryan said...

what's a rotor?

a roadie