23 April, 2008


God, I've been busy lately.

I had one apartment fall though, but I got a better one for the same price. It is a 1 bedroom loft apartment in Sun Prairie. I'm pretty happy with it, even though I haven't actually seen it. I move in on Monday.

My buddy Josh took me to The Bullet Hole today to shoot handguns(9mm Glock and a .44 Mag). I think that it was probably the most fun that I have had in a very long time. I had never actually shot a handgun before, now I'm a little addicted. I'm not going to go out and buy one, but it was pretty exciting. Thanks Josh.

Packing is a gigantic pain. I've got most everything done, but I'm going to finally pack my bikes on Saturday or Sunday. Even though it is pretty easy to pack a bike, I just really don't want to do it.

I pick up my rental moving truck on Saturday, and will start loading some stuff that day, and do all the heavy stuff Sunday after work(couch, bed).

I'm leaving very early on Monday to make it to Wisconsin to pick up my keys, sign lease, and move into my new apartment.

I rode over 120 miles last week, and even rode twice at Swanson. I rode with the rest of the folks from the shop on Tuesday morning as part of my last team-building exercise ever. Since we started opening the shop on Tuesday's at noon and doing various activities, I have only missed 1 actual meeting. Not a bad track record if I do say so. Anyway, we met at Swanson, and Josh let me borrow his GF Paragon. I did really well considering I've ridden dirt under 15 times in my life. I had a fast pace, and even went faster through some sections than I normally do to push the envelope a little bit. I knew that I felt good since I wasn't breathing that hard through the 2 laps I did. Had I done that last year I would have probably blown out my lungs.

I think Wisconsin will help me gain more appreciation for riding a moutain bike. Truth be told I'm a little more excited to ride and race road/cross than moutain, but I think everyone knows that already. I guess it is really all wrapped up in who you ride with and what knowledge and tips they can give you. Also having a mountain bike that fits you is probably a bonus as well.

I'm really excited to get out of Omaha and start my life over.

I'm going to buy an XBOX next week. Josh and I have been playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare a lot lately, and I'M ADDICTED! That game is so much fun, and you can really get wrapped up in it. Plus it helps when you are playing against someone, rather than the computer. It makes it more tense and exciting. It is just plain fun kicking the crap out of someone, and even when they beat the hell out of you. Either way competition among friends is great.

There are a lot of thoughts and emotions that I am going through right now. I'm trying to sort out everything and deal with a lot of the negative elements that have come up lately, and they really aren't bothering me as much as they would have before. I have definitely matured over the past few months, and I have been able deal with the things that have come into my path. I have been able to see quite a bit of things for what they really are. It is quite amazing how things change, and how fast things can spin out of your control.

Everything lately has just been a big blur, and even though I am leaving a big part of my life here, Amy and a very small group of real friends. I'm gaining something so much more, a new life. I am starting a new chapter, and this will be better than the last.

Anyway, I don't know how much I will be able to update my blog in the next few weeks, but I will try my best to keep people updated on what is going on. If it is dormant for a little bit, I'm probably just really busy.

Later on,


Lindsey said...

Hey buddy!

I am going to be leaving tomorrow afternoon sometime for this weekend in MN. You are still more than welcome to my bike case, you can either get it tomorrow afternoon (I am at school seeing patients in the morning), or else I can see when my roomies are going to be here so you can stop by and get it. Just let me know what works. Hope that packing is coming along well. I am not looking forward to that in a few weeks!

sydney_b said...

Nooooooo, not an xbox! Ride your bike instead. Resist the vid game forces and do something real. Buy a Glock and go target shooting b4 u get an xbox.

Matt N said...

I would love to get a glock 9mm pistol, or a .22 handgun since ammo is cheap. Maybe someday. I used to have a problem balancing video games and outside time. I really only play about once or twice a week now for an hour or so. I don't think I will have a problem riding my bike, since I will be a full-time commuter in WI. NO CAR AT ALL, at least until fall. 150 miles a week to work, plus weekend errands and such. Should be a whole lot of fun.