27 May, 2008


Rides like a dream. I'm not kidding, this bike is so smooth it should be a crime.

Trek Madone 5.2 Frameset Size 54cm
Dura-Ace Shifters, front and rear ders, chain rings(53x39)
Ultegra crank 172.5
Bontrager Speed Limit Brakes, Race X Lite wheels, Race Lite bottle cages, Race X Lite Stem, Race Lite Hard Case Tires
Fizik Arione Saddle
Speedplay Zero Chromoly pedals
Trek Incite Link Team computer

Me riding it does not do this thing justice.


I've been riding, a lot lately, 30 miles per day, and it has me feeling pretty good. Dropped close to 15lbs. since I moved up here. That was a month ago. It's amazing what riding everyday can do to you. I'm pretty sore by Thursday, and that makes Friday's all the more fun. I have been blessed with pretty good weather, I've been rained on once. Other than the sometimes unbearable headwinds things are pretty good. I'm still a little homesick for some of my favorite things, but I can deal.

Over the extended weekend I took Saturday and Sunday off to get my legs back underneath me, all these miles per week are doing a number on my energy levels. Taking the two days off were really hard since I built my new bike on Friday night, then had to let it sit. I got out on Monday for 2.5 hours of country roads on the bike. It is so smooth, stiff, fast, light, etc. I'm really excited to get up every morning and ride my bike.

This morning I had a 15-25mph headwind, SUCKED, but the bike made it bearable. Now I can't wait to get out of cubicle land and enjoy the tailwind. It's nice to see that everyone is doing really well back in O!.

Congrats to Dan Haskin for getting his Madone/SRAM Red bike up and running.


sydney_b said...

Very cool, Matt. I sure dig my Madone.

brady said...


munsoned said...

That's one dead sexy bike. Glad to hear all the miles have been eating away at you; in a good way. Pretty soon your body will get used to the miles during the week and you'll be able to put in even more time on the weekends. Next time we see you, we may not recognize you!

Gary L. Nebeker said...

Congrats on the new gig! I regret not getting a chance to get to say good-bye. Who knows maybe Denise and I will get a chance to pay you a visit sometime. Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the past couple of years.