25 June, 2008

Rolled over the 1000 mile mark a few days ago since I moved up here. I have been consistently riding 5 days a week for around 2 hours, basically my commute to work and home, and have had only a few instances to get out and explore some of the roads, but they are AWESOME. Once I have another mode of transportation, my riding will change and I will get to ride for fun rather than work. I don't mind commuting though, since it has helped me lose 20lbs. so not all is bad.

Tour of PA is going on AP and Alex Boyd are representing Nebraska very well. I can't wait to see the recap soon.

Tour de France starts soon. I'm pretty passive this year, I'll watch the coverage, but I'm not rooting for anyone in particular. I would like to see a good showing from Thor, Robbie, and George, but it will hopefully be fun to watch.

I know that my post are sporadic and very disorganized, much like my life has been since moving up here. Hopefully, as I continue to get a little more settled with my surroundings things will calm down a little.

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