07 July, 2008

So the tour is in full swing, and I can't decide if I'm hooked or not. Don't get me wrong, I was stoked when Thor busted out for a huge win yesterday, and I like that there was no prologue to start the event. 'Balaverde's(Green Bullet) win on the first stage was awesome. He cam from nowhere to bridge the gap and beat Kirchen and the others to the line.

So while I'm talking what has happened so far up, I still have some negatives to discuss. No time bonuses meant that the yellow jersey probably wouldn't change hands, unless something amazing happened. Today's stage took the jersey from Valverde, but if the breakaway hadn't survived he would have been in the jersey tomorrow. I think that time bonuses should have been used. At least that would have made the jersey switch a couple of times this week.

My biggest gripe is obviously Astana not being in the tour. When you have 3 people that have been on the tour podium and the previous winner, you should invite them. ASO's stance is ridiculous. They are just punishing Astana for Lance and Bruyneel, in my mind at least. Not cool. I feel bad for whoever wins this years tour. They will have to contend with the fact that the previous champion, and current Giro champ, was not allowed to defend his title. You can't be the true winner unless you beat the best, if they are still racing. No one really cares now that Pereiro is the '06 champ because of Floyd, and I think the same might go for this year with Alberto not being able to race.

Anyone see Trek's new commercial for the tour? Pretty SWEET! If you haven't seen it go to www.trekbikes.com and watch it.

I've taken about the last week off of my diet and riding really hard, although I still did over 125 miles/6+ hours last week, and this week I am back on the diet and the harder commutes. Mainly because I need to drop more weight so that I can be competitive for 'cross this fall. Also I will be playing indoor again, which I'm really excited about, and need to be able to run, sprint, and kick at a high level. Oh well, back to work.

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