28 July, 2008

An Update on Life

It's been a little while since I've give a personal update.

1. Amy and I broke up. That was 3 1/2 years, although we really broke up a long time ago, or at least it was headed that way for a long time. Now it is just official.

2. Trek World is in 2 weeks and I'm super excited to see everyone from Highgear and Trek Omaha, plus get to meet my dealers from California.

3. I rolled over 2K miles for the summer. 2 chains down and probably one more to go.

4. Built up my Cyclocross bike over the weekend. I'm not getting it painted, instead I'm saving to buy a new frameset probably next year.

The breakdown is:
Shimano Ultegra ders, 105 shifters, Shimano Canti brakes, D/A Brake and Shifter cables.
Sram 1070 11-26 Cassette.
FSA SLK MegaExo(Ceramic BB) 172.5 cranks with 46/39 rings.
Bontrager Race Lite anatomic 42cm hbar.
Bontrager Race X Lite 110 -7 stem.
Bontrager Race Lite Seatpost.
Bontrager Gel Cork(Pink Argyle) handlebar tape.
Selle Italia SLR saddle.
White Industry Hubs, Mavic tubular rims with Vittoria tires(I want some Dughast, but they are too expensive).

5. Oh yeah, I'm running my brakes MOTO. Can't wait to crash.

6. Less than 2 months until the first cross race, MadCross presents Jonathon Page's Planet Bike Cup(Sept 27th and 28th), and It's held a couple of miles from where I live. I started training this past week. I forgot how much I hate running and sprinting, but it will all payoff with some good racing this winter. I've got the miles, now it's just working on the constant accelerations. Pretty soon I'll starting mounts and barriers, but right now I'm just running. Hopefully this year I'll have some pretty good results. My goal remains the same: Finish, and don't finish last. However, I am pretty close to the best shape I've been in since my accident, and I'm certainly the fastest that I have ever been. I'm just excited that I'll get to race a lot of cross this fall. That is one of the downfalls of NE, there were only 2 weekends to race, but with KC 3 hours a way that is where all the cross for that area happens. Yet, it is a pain in the ass to drive all that way to race, and most of the races up here are about 1 hr away in Milwaukee.

Until next time.......


munsoned said...

Sorry to hear about you and Amy. Long distance relationships are really tough.

Teammate Troy K runs all his bikes Moto since he's just used to it. You could try that.

Great to hear you're droppin weight and getting strong again. Are you gonna try to make it down here for one of our cross weekends? Might be fun? Drive many hours for a couple 35 minute races. In the snow. Lot's of fun!

Matt N said...

She didn't want to move up here, so that was the end of that.

I ran moto for a few months last year, and liked it. I think all the Lincolnites run moto; TK, Jay, Matt T., Tyler C. I'm running on cross, but next time I change my cables on my madone I might make the switch.

I don't think I'll make it down for cross, but I am going to try and come down some time this winter. Got a space on the couch for me?

munsoned said...

Man, I wish we could post you up, but since we have a loft, I'm not sure the woman would like that. There's no "rooms" to speak of, it's just the main floor, then our hanging room with the bed. Bryan might let you sleep with his dogs in his basement? Let us know when you'd think about dropping in so we can figure out a place for you to stay.