26 August, 2008

8 years

Since Bryan decided to do an 8 year reflection, I figured I would give it a shot.

-I have covered the ages 18-26(well, I'll be 26 in December)
-I graduated from an all boys high school - Rockhurst Prep Academy in Kansas City, MO
-I graduated from college after 5 1/2 years - Creighton University
-I've lived in 8 different apartments in 3 states(Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin). I really hate moving at this point, but will probably move a bunch more.
-I have yet to own a car, not really a career highlight, but I'm working on it.
-I've lost 120lbs., gained 60 back, and lost it all over again plus some more.
-I've probably had about 5 bike wrecks.
-I've been to the hospital about 6 times, but only once because of a bike wreck.
-Broke a bunch of bones in my body(Collarbone-2x, nose, toes, fingers, knuckle, wrist, and a torn AC joint in my shoulder) - Only one injury came from the bike.
-Suffered 2 concussions - Soccer related, none on the bike.
-Taken my own stitches out of my hand. That was FUN, and not as hard as I thought.
-Gotten some sweet road rash and scar tissue.
-I've owned 5 bikes in various states of build.
-I've been hit by 2 cars.
-I've owned 1 computer.
-I've had 1 IPOD.
-I've had 5 cell phones, but kept the same number.
-I've worked at a grocery store, Creighton Campus, Pizza Hut, Hollywood Video, Hilton Omaha, Trek Store of Omaha, Highgear Bike and Outdoor, and now Trek. I'm happiest in my current job.
-My life has changed so much along the way that this is really just a highlight reel.

S-This should help you learn so much more about me. :)

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bryan said...

I've only made contact with one car. I'm disappointed in myself.