05 September, 2008

2 years since the start of Captain Extreme.

So it has been 2 years since I started this site. Hard to believe, since I feel that the time has just flown by. There have been quite a few changes since I started this little site. It is quite amazing how time can fly when you are having fun. I've gone from a poor college student that works 6 hours a week during the winter at a bike shop to being an inside rep at Trek. Talk about a leap forward in life. There were a lot of sacrifices that were made along the way, and most of them came in the past 6 months. I've been thinking a lot lately about all the things that I 'gave up' to come here and work. While life hasn't been easy since I moved here, it has certainly been better in some instances, and worse in others. That's the price you pay when you sacrifice what you know for something that you don't. Besides, things are working out in a weird way, so that doesn't really bother me. I've just got to keep my head down and plow ahead.

The Good:
-I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm getting stronger and faster as each day goes by.
-I love riding my bike again. Earlier this year I was really burnt out on riding and thought about giving it up entirely, but moving here changed my perspective and I have grown to love the bike even more than before.
-I get weekends off, and that is pretty big. I haven't had weekends off since I first starting working at the grocery store when I was 14.
-Drivers don't yell at you.
-I've met a lot of very interesting people and had a lot of experiences that I would not have had if I had stayed in Omaha, where I was comfortable with life.
-Above all I'm happier here with life and with work. I really needed a change in scenery to get my head clear and be able to focus on things. Even though sometimes I feel that my life is spinning at a rapid rate, it is not out of control, and I really like where certain things are headed.

The Bad:
-Full-time commuter life in a suburb is pretty hard. Where I live there isn't much to do on the weekends, so I have caught up on a lot of reading and movies. It leads to a wonderfully productive social life. Catch the sarcasm?
-There will be a hell of a lot more snow this winter, which can be both good and bad. Cross-Country skiing here I come.
-I really miss the rides and my friends. With my schedule being 10a-7p I spend a lot of time on the road by myself, so when I do get to ride with people I jump at the opportunity.
-I can't find pants that fit my legs and my waist at the same time. I have to buy a bigger waist and just make sure to wear a belt so that when I put them over my legs it does not look like I am wearing 'skinny jeans' and showing off more than I care to. Of course, this could probably go into the good column, but I felt I needed more stuff on this side to balance out the post. I'll also file this under TMI, but whatever.

later on

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