18 September, 2008

I finally own a digital camera.

Cross bike. Not done yet, need to add on the wheels.
Paul is the only way to go for stopping.
FSA/Shimano drivetrain
Think that I ride a lot. Here is the proof. I need to take better care of my bike.
I really need to take better care of my bike.


bryan said...

pink bar tape, huh?

Matt N said...

Correction. It is pink argyle bar tape. I'll try and get a close-up tonight. I don't have a memory stick for my camera yet, so I can take about 5 pictures before it runs out of memory. That comes in the next few days.

munsoned said...

GASP!! How dare you get even a tiny spec of dirt on a Madone!! Don't you realize that it's meant strictly for nice warm summer days and has to be walked over puddles rather than ridden??

/sarcasm off

Nice bikes man. Those Pauls look interesting. So you actually dial in the spring tension on the brake without using those hole thingies? Crazy. Have fun using the cross bike in bad weather and VERY NICE Madone in good weather.

brady said...

Dude - nice yellow bike! Is that a Newell tatoo on the top tube as well?

C'mon - Details, details, tell us more.

Matt N said...

That is actually pretty clean for my madone. With the hours I'm keeping and usually working about 6 days a week it doesn't really allow me to do some much need maintenance to my bikes. I'm tearing it down this week and probably rebuilding it so that I can actually regain some self respect.

The Pauls are kind of weird to do in with no screws the tension and centering is done by adjusting the springs. Hard to install, but they stop like mad.

It is a Newell tattoo. I got about 10 or so of them from Victory Circle Graphics a couple of years ago and they are on all my bikes. It's about as close to PAF as I'll ever get.

brady said...

is that a custom paint job, too? And if so, how was it done?