17 February, 2009

Interesting Picture

I thought that this picture from Velonews was quite interesting. All teammates at one time or another at Postal. All with their own pasts and futures in the cycling world. Armstrong, trying to make a comeback, Landis is trying to make a comeback, Hamilton started his comeback last season and won a national title in the road race. This season could be pretty interesting for all 3. I'm looking at Landis to have the biggest impact simply because he has the most to prove.

I think we all agree that Lance has nothing to prove other than trying to spread his message. We all know he doesn't need the money.

Hamilton's future is kind of cloudy since the Rock Racing squad only has 6 months worth of financing, coming from Michael Ball himself, and the team seems week since a few of their stars were relegated to amateur status, a la Rahsaan Bahati, who is the national crit champion and won't be allowed to defend his title. I thinkg that is a horrible thing to happen to Rahsaan, expecially since he is enjoying some of the best results of his career and he has a chance to make an impact in bunch sprints and crits here in the US and abroad.

Landis is coming off of having his title stripped from him, I think he is innocent, and wants to come back and prove that he was clean and can win races. The first few days of the tour of cali have been a little tumultous for Floyd, but I think with the TT coming up he might suprise a few people.

Of course, I'm just stating opinions, but I'm glad to see all 3 of them back and I hope they are all successful.

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