13 May, 2009

A year in the Land of Milk.

So, it's been a little over a year since I moved to Wisconsin. A lot has happened, and a ton of stuff has changed. I moved here to take a job, don't have that anymore, but in reality I couldn't be happier. I love working at Williamson. I actually feel accepted from everyone, which is something that I was missing in the some of the previous places that I worked. While some would view it as a step back, I finally realized that it is actually a step forward. I have learned so much about a company that I once idealized that it makes me a little upset that I put them on a pedestal only to be treated like I was. I have moved on and am certainly enjoying my time at the new shop. I like having the options of what to sell. CDALE, Scott, GT, Indy Fab, Lynsky, Calfee, Capo Forma, Mavic. It is great and I am learning a lot and getting ready for the next progression in my life. I know I will spend another year in Wisconsin, but after that I don't really know. I don't think that my future lies living in the land o' cheese, even though everyone is so nice, but I guess you never know. I'll add to this a little more, but I have to get out the door to work.

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