29 August, 2010

cyclocross part 2

We are 2 weeks into cyclocross practices with the first races about a month away. Out of those 2 practices, I have been to just one. We had a really sick dog this week, and when I say 'sick', I mean really sick. Anyway she is all better now and back to her old self. I am looking forward to practice this week.

Cyclocross is really the only aspect of cycling that I still enjoy purely for its attributes and beauty. Road is convoluted by commuting and I don't have the drive to race on the road anymore. I don't own a mountain bike, so I don't ride that as much as I would like to. Hopefully that changes next year. I am not a pro, nor ride with great grace, but I love it nontheless. I need work on my remounts and tight corners, but I enjoy every second I am on my bike at practice or racing. I don't win, but I don't really care. I just want to enjoy the most beautiful aspect of cycling....cyclocross. Bring on the pain.

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