23 July, 2012

LA Galaxy vs San Jose Earthquakes

All right, so in my previous post I mentioned that Ashley and I went to the LA Galaxy vs. San Jose Earthquakes game at the end of June.  It was fantastic, even though the Galaxy lost 4-3.  That game showed me a few things.  First, David Beckham still has passion and fire for the game and cares about his team and the game.  Second, his accuracy is crazy.  Not only did he nail a free kick from outside the box into the upper 90, but he sent a nice lob onto a guy on the ground and magically healed him with the power of the ball.

Let me explain that one.  Towards the end of game, an Earthquakes player laid on the ground acting like he had been attacked  and was in severe pain.  Well, that wasn't the case.  Beckham sent a 20 yard lob onto the player, who was magically healed and wanted to fight.  This is one of my big problems with soccer.  I played for a long time, and I never took a dive or acted hurt.  I can't stand players that take dives.  It does yourself a disservice as well as the game and it has no place in sports.  Play hard and the results will come.

Anyway, the game was at Stanford Stadium in Santa Clara.  Pretty cool stadium, minus the rude fan next to us and the horrible parking.  They don't have a paved lot and you park in the trees next to the stadium.  That would be cool, until you take away the lot number signs, and 50,000 people walk around aimlessly trying to find their car because they don't see the lot numbers because someone removed them.

Hope you enjoy some pictures from the game.  They did an armed services show at halftime complete with all branches of the military; Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy.  It was pretty cool and all the soldier received huge ovations and support from the crowd.  It was a pretty powerful scene with everyone cheering our service men and women.  It was a great halftime and the game overall was wonderful to see and experience.

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