03 February, 2013

Changes are around the corner.

Man I need to get better at this.  I used to due so well, but not so much anymore.

Anyway, change happens.......Sometimes you plan it, and sometimes you don't.  I have made a ton of changes in the last few years, and now it just seems like the norm.  I've changed jobs, homes, states, cars, you name it.  I've now found a place I feel good.  I'm in a great relationship, and getting married in June.  I have a great job, great family, and great pets.  However, change can happen when we least expect it.  Ashley and I are getting married in June, and that is a big change.  No longer individuals, we are family.

Who knows what the next change will be, but I hope it is a good one.

I turned the big 30 in December.  Although, it was just like any other day.  Nothing crazy or monumental happened.  Ashley threw me a nice little party and we had some good food at home with our puppies.  Being 30 hasn't really changed anything.  I don't feel older, slower, greyer, or anything else that is supposed to go with that milestone.  I'm sure 40 will be different.

Sometimes it is just nice to put random thoughts up here and see how they come out of my mind and into my keyboard.

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