24 September, 2006

The Next Zabel? and The Cricket.

Blah, Blah, Blah. Bettini finally got the rainbow. Oh well it's not like he'll win anything next year. The curse of the rainbow jersey will set in again, just like it did for Asartola, and Freire. Good job for Fast Freddie and his 15th place, even with a bum knee.

Can 2005 German RR Champion and now 2006 U-23 World Champion Gerald Ciolek follow in the footsteps of the greatest German Sprinter, Erik Zabel?


Pb jr. said...

Freire? Dude come on..He won worlds 3 times with great season in between. He won Milan San Remo when he was world champ. In 2005 when he was WC he was bombing on Petacchi and won like 4 stages at TA. Astraloa was a good example, but not Freire. The Cricket is going to kill next year too...sorry to say. He is now Olympic champ, Italian Champ, and World champ. There is no stopping the bugger.

And yes,
I am broke. Either hold onto all the crappy parts I have or sell them and get a cx bike. I'm thinking about selling mom's jewelry next..

Matt said...

My beef with Freire is that he is seemingly always hurt. He is a great racer, I respect him a lot, but it is his durability when he was the rainbow jersey that is brought into question. In the past two years he has missed a ton of races with saddle sores and other leg injuries. I just wish he could keep it together for a whole season. He would win a lot of races.
Oh yeah i forget to add Michael Rogers to that list. The only TT he could win was the worlds because most other riders were torched from the long season. Michael spent most of his 2(minus 1 for Millar) seasons in the Jersey in the grupetto. He did ok in TT's, but the World Champ should WIN.
I would nix the jewerly. I tried that one once, let's just say it didn't work out. ;)

Pb jr. said...

I see what you mean. But I'm just glad Rogers didn't win...Not a big fan.