17 January, 2007

Early mountain bike pioneers immortalized in Klunkerz documentary

A new documentary by director Billy Savage follows off-road icons Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Charlie Cunningham, Tom Ritchey, and others as he reveals the historical events that helped found the sport of mountain biking. Savage spent two years on the project, collecting archival footage and still images from the early '70s and combined those with modern-day interviews with those early pioneers to help paint a more complete picture of how exactly the sport came to be.
The film is scheduled to screen on Sunday, January 21, 2007 in Park City, UT at the upcoming 2007 X-Dance Film Festival, a four-day showcase featuring action sports films. On hand for the screening will be Savage as well as movie subject Gary Fisher. The two will be available for a Q&A session with the audience, and Fisher will also be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the X-Dance Festival during the event.

article from cyclingnews.com

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