28 February, 2007

Flogging Molly and Street Dogs

Last night was AWESOME! Flogging Molly, one of my all-time favorite bands, came to town. This was the first opportunity that I have had to see them, and I was definitely not disappointed. Their live performance was probably the best I have ever seen from any band. They were on fire. If you haven't had a chance to listen to them go to their website and give them a chance. Their mixture of Traditional Irish music, punk, rock, and folk provide for a lethal mixture in music.

Another band that played right before Flogging Molly was Street Dogs, a band from Boston fronted by a Desert Storm veteran, and their music is also available for a listen on their website. Their mix of politics with punk and rock is great. They are intense and provided a great show. They are not all political, so if you don't like that, there is some songs that aren't political. I feel that to do great music these days you can't avoid mixing politics and especially personal feelings. Otherwise you band will sound like some of the more popular ones of today, because most have sold our just to make money. If you put your heart and feelings into music it is better than just saying what others want to hear. Sadly, Street Dogs guitarist, Johnny Rioux, had a seizure at the end of the third song and couldn't continue. That was honestly one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Words really can't do it justice.

I do have one thing to say to the people in attendance last night that decided to boo when they closed the curtains to attend to Johnny, FUCK YOU! That showed no class and you all should burn in hell for doing that. Who the hell boo's when something like that is going on? There was no respect shown to the band and the medical emergency. I talked to the lead singer, Mike McColgan, after the show and he said Johnny was ok and actually wanted to keep playing after he felt better, but they took him to the hospital to make sure he was alright. Good news, he is fine and they said that they would come back this summer because they had, "unfinished business".

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