10 March, 2007

Don't Slip

Got in 2 hours of riding today, 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM. Will get a little more tomorrow. Have a lot of work to do for Lincoln Crit. Just don't want to embarrass myself, but that will probably happen. I'll be better in June and July. Dropped close to 20 lbs since Jan 1. Doing pretty good, just have to keep going and stay on target. Can't wait to rack up the miles on the way to work this week, will definitely help in the long run.

Later on,


Peter said...

that crit is pretty tough. just work on speed and lose as much weight as possible. the hill gets to you for sure.

Matt N said...

I know, I've watched the race before. Speed is one thing, but weight is the optimum goal. Less weight = more speed.

bryan said...

The weather will certainly help you lose more. Hard not to get out and spin the wheels when it's this nice.