18 March, 2007

Went out riding with Munson and Fred this morning about 9 am and was back at home at 11. Turned off early because of frozen toes. It's funny when I got near home the sun came out, but it was too late. Ever had the moment where your toes hurt so bad that it is a pain to simply pedal? That was where I was at this morning. I should have worn thicker shoe covers, so I have no one to blame. Still got in a solid 2 hours though and ramped up a to a fast sprint when I was coming back to the trail head. Not a bad week. I got in over 125 miles and hopefully dropped some more weight. Start work at UPS tomorrow at 10pm and will work until 2am until Thursday where I will be off training and will be loading trucks regularly. I'm going to be exhausted for a while, but the benefits outweigh the negatives, and I'll get used to it pretty quickly and still be able to function. Thank God we have an espresso machine at Highgear. I'm loving that thing.

later on,

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bryan said...

at the very least, you'll sleep well.