14 March, 2007

Wind Sucks

Got in another 2 hours today with Munson and Pool. Pretty good, but I am a far cry from where I need to be, early season or not. Rode Bellevue Blvd. for the first time since last August and I had forgotten how fun the bricks were and the short little descent on 13th street into downtown. Not a bad day, but I didn't feel all that well and it was cold. I took yesterday for granted when today's weather came around. Me busting my ass is Munson on a slow day. Oh well 20lbs more and I'll be good to go for the season. Say what you want Peter, or anyone else, about how much I suck but I will get faster and better, your words will fuel my anger.

On another note I will start work at UPS on Monday night at 10pm and go to around 2-3am. It's good work and will help pay the student loans. I will now be trying to balance UPS(part time), Highgear(full-time), and riding. Highgear and riding come first, but UPS will help me financially and I get health care, and everyone knows how important that one is, especially when riding and accidents(hopefully they don't) happen.

One other thing. Talked to my brother tonight and he rode today with some guy I went to high school with and they are on the team Patterson Dental, out of KC, and they asked him to join there team and be their leader in races. He accepted. It will definitely be interesting if I get in the same races he does and his team is there supporting him. They are all Cat. 4's, which I will be soon, so it will be really weird if there is ever a conflict of interest in this one. Doubt that issue will come up. I just found it really interesting that he is finally joining a team, after years of doing it all by himself the way he wanted, and all the riders are my age, but he will have a couple of strong riders around him. I tried to convince him to join Midwest Cycling, but because of an incident last year at the Tour of KC with one of the guys he refuses to have anything to do with that team. I can understand his point because I was there, but it hurts that he will sort of be an opponent in races rather than my ally. He is thinking about doing Lincoln Plating and bringing the team up and racing, and I'd like him to, but we'll see what happens.

later on,


bryan said...

That situation with your brother will be interesting. Most likely, it won't matter, but that could get tricky. Interesting also that he grabbed a team. That could be a cool position to be in, though.

Matt N said...

I'm glad because I played soccer with 2 of the guys on the team and they are really cool and pretty good riders. I'm happy for him, and I think that if I had a chance for success in a race he would support me over a team, but that probably won't happen because I'll just be stuck to his wheel and let my legs do the talking in the final 100.

bryan said...

My legs don't talk. I need to get them to communicate a little more.

Oh, and by the way -- wind doesn't suck. It blows. I'll be here all week, folks!

Peter said...

"Say what you want Peter, or anyone else, about how much I suck but I will get faster and better, your words will fuel my anger."

Firstly- I didn't say you sucked. I said you aren't faster than I am.

Secondly- I'm not the one getting you angry. The disturbed you listen to gets you angry.

Anger isn't a good motivation for cycling. It's stupid to ride out of anger and hate. It doesn't work and it defeats the purpose of even riding. I ride to get AWAY from hate out of passion.

And yes, it was too cold and too windy yesterday. I headed up to aksarben but turned around because I was missing the 80 degrees.

Matt N said...

Peter, when did you turn all Dr. Phil on me. I know that anger isn't the best motivation, but I use all of the hardships and adversities that I have faced and use them as a reminder that I can and will overcome. So I guess anger wasn't the best choice of words. Besides didn't you say a couple of weeks ago when you 'popped off' on me that you would use it to motivate yourself. Wasn't that anger? I don't know I just need to turn the pedals and one day I'll be faster than 'the next one'.

Peter said...

I am Dr. Phil. You have a problem. admit! I have a problem...I'm slammin oprah!

Anger isn't a good motivater. I used to ride out of hate and it just makes you dislike the bike because you assosciate the bike with anger. I used to. I haven't popped off on anyone out of moivation for a while now. And I'm not gonna.

You gonna ride this weekend? Sunday?

Matt N said...

who would want to slam oprah? Obviously Peter "Dr. Phil" Boyd likes the chubbies.

I love to ride and just be outside and that is my one significant motivator.

Matt N said...

I have all day sunday so let me know.

Peter said...

I take offense to that. Jerk. I'm gonna go eat the rest of the raw cookie doughs from the 24 pack in the fridge...ok well I'm still gonna, but not because I'm chubby.

I'll let you know about Sunday.

Mmmm cookie dough.

Matt N said...

Peter's a chubby chaser.

Peter said...

chubby chaser? That can't be good. Man, all I know is that I looked ripped as f*ck in the mirror of the trek store bathroom. That is my only hope to feel good about myself. Trek store bathroom mirror.