24 April, 2007

I'm Done

I've never quit anything in my life, and I especially didn't want to start now. However, after over a month at UPS I have decided to call it quits. I was kidding myself when I thought that I could work that much and still be OK. I was wrong and suffered for it. Not only did I suffer on a level of just gliding through the day not really awake, but also my personal life took an absolute nose dive. I can't remember the last time Amy and I were able to sit down for dinner without me being in a grumpy/tired mood. It's been a while. I know that my work at Highgear has suffered, and that is one thing that I promised myself that I would not let happen. I haven't been able to ride my bike for fun in over a month because I've been to tired. The only miles in my legs were from commuting back and forth to Highgear.

I feel like I'm a complete let-down to everyone, including my coworkers at UPS and Highgear, but I felt like this was really the only viable option for me at this time. I loved the job and everyone that worked there, but physically working over 60 hard hour per week and at such odd times was just too much for me. Instead of walking around the house tonight because I was tired and had to go to work, I slept, and felt extremely sad and guilty that I was beaten into submission by a job that I liked. I hate not being able to do something to the best of my ability and make it work. As I have said time and time again, Highgear is my #1 priority(outside of Amy), and nothing comes in the way of that.

Hopefully tomorrow will have a break from the rain and I'll be able to ride. First day off during the week in a while and I want to take full advantage of it.

later on,


bryan said...

It's probably for the best. Do you get to keep the shorts?

sydney_b said...

hey, don't worry about it, Matt. A person can only do so much and if you spread yourself too thin, you'll shortchange everyone. It's not worth it. Go ride your bike, do something nice for your sweetie, and get back to enjoying life a bit. :)

Skinny D said...

your blog gets kindof depressing.
any happy news?

Matt N said...

i'll get some good news this week. just give me a minute.