22 April, 2007


There's really nothing I can say about this weekend except pure disappointment. I am actually pretty mad at myself, but at the same time realize that I am nowhere near where I wanted to be right now. The end of last year and my weight gain killed me, but with the weight I've been losing lately it is only a matter of time until I can turn a corner in my racing.

This weekend was all about suffering, but I didn't quit. During the RR that became my objective, just to finish. It was a lesson in suffering and now that I know I can do that, it's all downhill from here. The first lap of the RR I cramped in my quads and that was all she wrote. I also believed I pulled a muscle in my left leg during the 2nd lap. I felt a pinch and then instant pain that has really only gotten worse. Oh well, I'll heal. I'll take a few days off and let it heal and then I start again.

Probably not going to race Monumental due to scheduling and training time. Should be good for the Papillion Twilight Crit and the Cornhusker State Games. 180lbs. here I come. That is my goal for the end of the year.

I'm in a lot of pain som I'm going to get some much needed sleep. On another note, I'm not sure this whole UPS and 4 hours of sleep a night is going to cut it. Especially, since pretty much everyone I know is telling me to quit because it's destroying me.


bryan said...

Hey, you finished. There were plenty of guys in every class who didn't. Great to see you out there.

munsoned said...

Yup, I'd be one of those guys who didn't finish. I just couldn't see doing 2 laps solo after falling waaaaayyy off the back and keeping everyone else around at the finish line. So I packed it in early and figured this was a rude awakening as to what shape I'm in right now.

Matt, toughing it out shows your dedication and strong will. You had more strength of character than I. I've figured out that nothing makes up for time on the bike. And more specifically, the road bike. I've been riding the mtb, but it just doesn't transfer to speed on the pavement. So yeah, if you really want to get faster, you'll probably need to quit UPS and pony up the hours out on the road. The extra money is nice and getting a different workout can lead to shedding more pounds, but a consistent training schedule, WITH proper recovery, trumps all. Here's to hoping that both of us get our butts in gear.

Matt N said...

i totally agree mike.