17 June, 2007

Another random Sunday.

Random Sunday's will now bring random pictures from the Vault. The first is my favorite pro wrestler, Jeff Hardy. Before anyone says anything....I know that it is fake and stupid, and mostly white trash people go to see this stuff, but the reason that I like pro wrestling is the athleticism demonstrated by most of the pro's. The stuff they do is amazing and really entertaining, and Jeff is a total nutball known for high-flying stunts. The second is a pic I posted a long time ago, but the gearing is sweet. The third was when I met my favorite comedian, Christopher Titus, at the funny bone here in Omaha. He was totally cool and a lot of his stand-up relates to stuff during my earlier years. I was also about 185 when the pic was taken, before my accident, and I'm trying to get back to that weight here pretty soon. Just a little further to go.

As for today, unbeknowst to me, Amy made plans for us to go out to her Mom and Step-dad's this morning at 9 am. Which canceled out Shabbos +1, and I was pissed last night when I found out. I'm very sorry Bryan and Mike, I'll make it next week. Got in over 100 commuting miles last week, plus a little training. I really missed my road bike, and I'm glad I'm back on the road. I'll head out in the morning for a 3hr buster before I have to get into work at 1. Babcook here I come, and look out for me in the 4's Bryan.


munsoned said...

No prob, Matt. I'm kinda kicking myself for not riding with my dad on Fathers day. He went out on a nice little jaunt and probably would've enjoyed the company. That being said, the Shabbos ride proved very beneficial. I gotta keep doing these distances to train my body to withstand the road races I'll be doing. Hopefully we'll see you next weekend. There's plenty more weekends to enjoy the group ride goodness.

bryan said...

It's no biggie. It would be different if you just slept in -- family time is important.

There are lots of Shabbos +1s out there. Maybe Peter will even join us again.