22 June, 2007

I got in over 50 miles yesterday, which was great. I ended up losing about 5 lbs. on the ride. The temp gauge on my computer was in the 95-100 range with the max being 102. It's not the most accurate in the world, but it does give off the general idea. Also I ramped up a sprint to 35mph. That's the fastest I've hit in training this year, and am really excited for next month. Just a few more lbs. to drop and hopefully I won't get dropped in my next race.

Found a race in KC call The Cobblestone Crit. It's being held in late August and I'm thinking about doing it, but not sure yet. I've going to have my bro go and ride the course to see if it will be good or crap. The cycling community in KC is really taking off and offering a lot of local racing, thanks in part to all the local sponsorship. Also, the Tour of Missouri will have the prologue in KC. That's on Sept. 11, and I'm going down to see that. Anyone wants to come you have plenty of time to let me know. It's on a Tuesday, but should be a ton of fun.

Anyway I'm off to the commute.


Peter said...

You ramped up a 35mph "spring"? And I thought you could sprint...

Yeaaaaahhhh, ummm about that...you're gonna hafta do better than that if you want to do good at Bobcock. MMK? Did you get the memo?


bryan said...

Cobblestone Crit ... sounds fun and scary. Like most crits.

Good to see the miles building up -- coming on Shabbos +1?

Matt N said...

I changed it and it know says "sprint". Take into account that I was by myself when I sprinted and didn't have anyone to go against. I haven't been in a head up sprint since last August, so I know that I'm slow, but give me some time and miles. Be patient.

Bryan. I will be on Shabbos+1