24 August, 2007

I just got done watching 24 Solo. This documentary is one of the better ones about cycling, although I don't own that many of them. Interviews from Fisher, Cam Chambers, Travis Brown, Zap, and Chris Eatough really shed a little bit of light on 24 hour racing.

One of the things that has been going through my mind lately is MTB racing. I've been contemplating trying a race sometime next year. I did the 12 hr in Lincoln this year, but it was for fun and I had a really good time, plus I didn't try that hard. Everyone has goals in their life and one of mine, and this has been in my head for about 2 years is trying a 24 hour race someday. I am thinking that it would be a good way for me to turn 30. Which means I have 5 years to actually ride my MTB more and see if I could ever do a 24 hour race. Who knows what will happen between now and then. I think that it's like most people who want to do a triathlon, or a marathon. In that I mean that it is a once in a lifetime thing, but tri's nor marathons appeal to me, so the bike is the way to go. Amy thinks I'm nuts for ever thinking of doing one, just wait until I actually follow through in a couple of years and do one.

I'm hoping to get a new MTB next year, and maybe a new road bike, but the new Trek EX's are awesome, as well as the new fishers, so I'm torn. That's next year, just have to save through this winter and see what happens. Either way I just wanted to put the words on the screen that a goal is to race a 24 hour race. I have other short term goals, but few LIFE changing goals outside of family and the like. I don't know, maybe I'll like MTB racing over road, but probably not.


bryan said...

12- or 24-hour MTB is on my list, too. Don't know when, but sometime.

The idea of doing it just to see if I can has taken me to some interesting places, both physically and mentally. That's the only reason I ran a marathon to begin with. The 'why not?' factor tends to attract me to extreme-type events.

So, more power to you.

munsoned said...

The hard part about mtb is how tough it is on your bones and muscles. It takes time and experimenting with equipment to figure out what will allow you to ride comfortably for a long time. Sure you could get a full squish and that would help, but then you'd be slow up the hills and have more chances for equipment to fail. I like the simplicity of rigid single speed, but know that I am limited on how long I can ride. I would like to ride more since it's a great core workout. And I don't get any of that on the road bike.

I say, give it a whirl. The atmosphere of mtb is much cooler than road. It's like a big extended family. You got your drunk uncle, CVO, your ever wise elder, Mod, and a host of others that take you in as one of their own.