04 September, 2007

I need help deciding

2008 Trek Fuex EX 8
2008 Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe
2008 Fisher Supercaliber
2008 Trek Top Fuel 8


Punjab said...

keep on the skinny wheels probably. j/k. go with the ex 8. it rocks the boat. the new stuff they did make it even better than last year.

fredcube said...

get 1 of each. You're welcome.

Jim said...

Jim said...
Supercal/ Hi -fi race due out late fall..It has the Supercal G2 geometry. Fisher morphed the Hi-fi with the Caliber series. I've ridden all those bikes last week at Swanson. The Hi-Fi by far was the best in my opinion. I don't need that much travel so I'm waiting for the Supercal G2. I think it's all white too. Mod rode a G2 at the Trek/Fisher show and thought it was THE BIKE.