06 September, 2007

Sorry guys, no racing for me this weekend. Having toiled over the thought for a good week or so, I have decided to keep my plans the way they are. I haven't raced since Lincoln Plating, and it really sucks, but this summer has been so busy that it hasn't really allowed me to get out as much as I have wanted to. Now that the season is winding down, and even with the major changes for the shop upcoming, hopefully my thoughts and feelings will go to next season.

Just because I'm not racing doesn't mean that I won't be on my bike. Dan Haskin and I, and anyone else that wants to come, are heading to Platte about 9ish on Sunday morning. When I was out there on Monday, I got a rude awakening about how out of shape I am, and that I have no MTB skills to speak of at the moment, but both will change very rapidly. This does not mean that I am dropping road for playing in the dirt, on the contrary, as I have said before they compliment each other very well, and will serve me next year.

I will make an assault next year and do all the road that I am allowed, and maybe a MTB race or two, and devote myself to completing my goals and conquering my fears, and trying to at least win 1 race.

I am deeply saddened that I will not be able to defend my 2nd place from the State RR last year, but duty calls. It's funny that I get to do what I love which is be around bikes, but even if you are around them all the time you don't get to ride as much as you like. I guess I'm just making a necessary sacrifice to keep being able to afford what I like to do, but also making other people see into the world and the beauty that is riding a bike.



munsoned said...

When I was working at the shop, it was tough. You're basically up and running around the whole time you're there, and when you get home, it's real easy to say, "I've had my fill of bikes today." I can't imagine what it would be like to work there full time. The hours are not conducive to riding at all. Working from 10am till 6ish means you have a couple hours after work for riding since you don't want to be sweaty/grimy all day from a morning pre-work ride. Or working noon till close is also tough since it's real easy to sleep in if you've worked till 8pm the night before then needed a few hours to wind down.

I feel for ya man. Every 4th month I change shifts to work 11:30am to 8:30pm - similar hours to bikes shops. I get nothing done, biking wise, in those months. Hell, this year I didn't get anything done in any of the months. Just easy rides and a couple of races where I got dropped. I've had fun though. And next year's going to be strictly fun, no racing. Gotsta pay down the debt monster that's chasing me.

We will be continuing the Shabbos + 1 rides all year (when it's rideable out), so if you have Sundays off or don't work till noon, we'd love to have you along for the fun. Check my blog for times/routes.

sydney_b said...

Gonna miss seein' you. Happy trails, though, and may you light it up next year.