11 September, 2007

Just a taste

Jonathan Vaughters, the mastermind behind slipstream and a very quirky sense of humor, and I after the conclusion of the stage. Hey Munson, like the Lincoln Plating shirt that I'm rocking? "Big" George signing some stuff
Alberto and his translator/handler at the Trek KC store.
The best team car in cycling.
Noval and Contador at the start.

I have a ton more pics and some video to put up. I will do that and write up a full report in the next day or so, but right now I'm exhausted. Enjoy.


bryan said...

yeah ... I knew I should have sent a photo with you.

Matt N said...

It would have been hard to get something signed. I got my disco jersey signed by them(picture upcoming), but that was the limit for me. Sorry dude. Next year just take the time off work and we'll go see more than one stage and get some good schwag and photos.

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